Libyan oil gas workers Union unity is strength : An Articles

Libyan oil gas workers Union unity is strength 

Oil and gas sector union says Libya’s oil is for all Libyan

Ali Elfarsi -RASCO -3 /10/2018

The meeting. Between NOC head quarter. And Head of oil gas workers. Union discussed the situation of oil workers and ways to improve abilities- Mr. Al Fakhri presented the most important problems faced by workers such as health insurance, improvement of medical services, improvement of rations and catering services in some locations, training and development of workers in the sectoer.

The Chairman stressed the importance of training sections ,as well

(Mr. Al-Fakhri ) said that the employees of all the sites seek to perform their work in the best way possible, and to accomplish them despite the difficulties they face. He. Mentioned late.

Oil gas Libyan sector. workers understand the extraordinary situation witnessed by the sector, wishing the National Oil Corporation at the same time, to follow up the continuous improvement of the conditions of workers and make every effort to achieve their common goals.

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